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Cascades, Take Two

Last January, Marcus and I climbed for a month in the Cascades. I started writing something about it a few times, but didn’t end up with much because we didn’t really climb much of anything, bumbling from alpine failure to

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Cracks, Coyotes, and Car Life

For the fifth time that night, the feet I have jammed into the crack above my head slip and I am spat out head-first onto the crash pads below me. An hour, a few shots of whiskey, and some moderately-sized

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Life Update + Writing Things

My record-compulsion has been nagging at the back of my head for months now, so here I am. Marcus and I concluded our run with a semi-burned out trip back to Sierra Eastside to get some alpine climbing in on

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Life in the Desert

“Campghanistan,” one of my climbing friends and Red Rock local called the particular patch of BLM land we inhabited for two weeks. “The worst campground you’ll ever pay money for,” the rest of the climbers we met in the next

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Ice, Avalanches, and Failed Desert Towers

After getting showered with powder snow for the tenth time, I look up to see Marcus peering down at me. “Uh, I’m not sure what I should do. My feet are numb.” We are on Otto’s Route, a moderate trad

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